The ever-changing world of health and nutrition is overwhelming and confusing. There are hundreds of fad diets, new research appearing daily, contradictory and often dangerous nutrition advice, health trends, thousands of diets books, diet pills and diet foods. Knowing what is truly effective and what is a myth can be a challenge.

I’m sure your health is important to you, but you might not have time to sort through all the information and figure it out by yourself. This is where health coaching comes in. As a Health Coach, my objective is to guide you back to the basics, clear the nutritional confusion, bust myths and media. misinformation. I have read the books, studied the theories and continue to learn new nutrition research.

I will provide you with information about healthy food and lifestyle practices; tools that are realistic and effective so that you can make informed choices and changes that are right for YOU. Instead of creating lists of restrictions of good and bad foods, my approach is to create healthy, happy lives in a way that is flexible, fun and free of deprivation and discipline.

Health Coaching is intended to help people make and adhere to meaningful lifestyle changes through the development of a supportive relationship that can help to facilitate behavior change and attain goals.

  • I focus on the health of the whole person which includes physical health but also meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, positive energy, spirituality and balance.
  • I use cooperative coaching to coach in a way that empowers our client because we believe that the client is the expert in the coaching relationship and has natural gifts and talents that allow him/her to solve many if not all of his/her problems.
  • I believe that coaching is a cooperative partnership wherein the client chooses the focus and the coach listens, observes and ask questions that help the client clarify, focus and choose small manageable steps to shift them ever closer to their goals and enhanced quality of life.
  • You want to be more in control of their health but they may not have the resources, information, or professional guidance to be successful and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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